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redoak carpet cleaning logo You spend a lot of your time strolling and even playing on the floors of your home, that is why your carpets and floors deserved to be cleaned the correct way – altogether and without defect. When you need your carpets and floors cleaned, you can contact Red Oak Carpet Cleaning. Red Oak Carpet Cleaning will give a cleaning that is genuinely perfect and keeps it that way for a long time.

With Red Oak Carpet Cleaning, you will never utilize cleanser or soap to clean your carpets again. The Red Oak Carpet Cleaning includes a powered water system that has the ability to pull in and break up dirt and oils – yet without leaving behind any tacky buildup and residue! No more soap that are lingering and attracts dirt! No more crunchy carpet! The Electrolyzed Oxidative Water cleans much the same as cleanser and soap, without leaving any residue build up behind! By utilizing this interesting substance, your surfaces will dry quicker, getting you and your family back to your normal activities as soon as possible. 

Our licensed process will removed dirt right to the base of the carpet. Realizing that Red Oak Carpet Cleaning process outperforms any other carpet cleaning companies available, next time you search “carpet cleaning near me” you will realize that Red Oak Carpet Cleaning is the most ideal choice for you! Save yourself the pressure and book an appointment today to utilize this environmentally friendly process that will leave your carpet and hard surfaces cleaner longer.

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carpet cleaning red oak tx You love your floor covering. We love your mat. Your floor covering is uncommon, and even though it’s getting dirty from normal wear and a periodic drips and spills, you are understandably anxious about getting your carpet cleaned due to the harm that could happen from inappropriate cleaning. With Red Oak Carpet Cleaning, you don’t have anything to fear! You can put your trust on us that we will thoroughly and appropriately complete any mat cleaning regardless of the size or material.

Our licensed cleaning measure does not use destructive synthetic compounds or other poisonous cleaning materials that could harm strands, fibers, drain tones, or leave an untidy buildup. Red Oak Carpet Cleaning is safe, efficient, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We will give you the best extensive cleaning with our profoundly trained specialists. Red Oak Carpet Cleaning is evaluated and a certified cleaning measure in the country by an autonomous testing lab and getting a very high endorsement rating possible from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

We are committed to offering you the best solution possible, which is the reason we guarantee our staff individuals are certified and equipped with necessary knowledge about carpet cleaning. Alongside cleanliness and safety, we also care deeply about our environment. That is the reason our company uses environment-friendly substance alternatives. Our experienced Red Oak Carpet Cleaners are all provided with the training as well as devices and equipment to offer you high-quality services.


Red Oak Carpet Cleaning professionals maintain and commit to three things when providing our services; QUALITY, EXPERIENCE, and SUSTAINABILITY. We mean to help customers all through Red Oak, Texas with all their carpet cleaning projects.

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Carpet Cleaning

There are times when you have tried every product you can buy but your living room carpet still has some spot that is stained because of spillage. Unfortunately, some of your regular carpet cleaner is fully booked for weeks and they want additional premium payment for them to treat your stains. Our team provides you with fast, affordable and longer-lasting results for your carpet. Contact Red Oak Carpet Cleaning for your carpet services requirement.

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Rug Cleaning

Even though you don’t have any carpet for your home, you can still contact us to treat and clean your rugs whenever they get dirty. Some carpet cleaning companies might require a service minimum for them to proceed with your request. Rather than, continuing to ignore the problem until you reach the minimum they require, you can contact our team immediately. We totally clean, treat, refresh any mats, rugs and more to keep your home at the highest level of cleanliness as possible.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Most of us own a sofa in our home. By using it every day, it is beginning to smell like body odor. Unfortunately, most of the service companies that you know does not provide services for your upholstery and this will cause your sofa unclean for a long time. Red Oak Carpet Cleaning will safely treat your furniture pieces to keep them clean and beautiful. Always choose us for this type of services so that you can get high quality results at a very affordable price.

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Stain Removal

No matter how many tips or tutorials you will find online; from ammonia, club soda, and stain removal solutions, nothing is getting rid of the stains in your living room. What makes us the most reliable carpet cleaner is that our steam extraction method removes more sources of stains than any other companies out there. We thoroughly remove any stains and trapped dirt without causing any discoloration to any of your furniture in the living room.

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Pet and Odor Removal

Pets are cute to have most of the time. However, when they leave stains on your carpet, you will always think or reconsider to let them stay outside. Sometimes we usually use expensive products to remove these stains but it does not do much of the work. Red Oak Carpet Cleaning also excels at pet stains and odor removal. You will not find a better company compared to us.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

You may wonder or have a hard time in finding a company that provides services for stain removal even if you do not have a single carpet in your home. Red Oak Carpet Cleaning will refresh your dirty tiles and yellow grouted areas quickly. By steaming the surface pores of your floors, we can remove more dirt without using harsh chemicals. We can also renew your tiles to its best appearance possible.

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Red Oak Carpet Cleaning aims to provide our clients with the best carpet cleaning service they’ll ever experience. Our professional carpet cleaning staff will set a meeting with you to assist you and identify what is needed to satisfy your desire and turn your vision into reality. We will certainly provide you with cleaning alternatives consisting of various components that can be integrated right into your home, along with various options of products that can be utilized in the cleaning process. 


Happy Clients in Red Oak TX

Victoria Haney

Red Oak, Texas

“Red Oak Carpet Cleaning is the best carpet cleaning I’ve ever experienced. No waiting all day for carpets to dry and no loud machine. They have a one hour dry time, my carpets are cleaner than they have been ever before, and made my house feel 1000 times cleaner. Thank You!

Lesley Rekieta

Red Oak, Texas

“Top notch customer service and excellent results. Shawn was the best carpet cleaner we have ever had. Everything was excellent start to finish. Starting from the ease of booking online, to receiving a call a couple of hours before and then again when he was in route was super considerate. He was early and explained everything very well and did an amazing job. He was extremely friendly and personable and very professional.

Remie Durham

Red Oak, Texas

“Great great service! Everything went great. The tech showed up early, good communication about our appointment, and was very friendly and professional. My spots are gone and carpet looks brand new! Even dried within an hr or so after finishing up! Great experience and will gladly use Red Oak’s Carpet Cleaning again!

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carpet cleaning red oak tx 9 Red Oak Carpet Cleaning is an environmentally friendly company that understands the need for all of us to do our part to protect the environment from the damage we’ve caused it in the past.  There are a lot of ways to start helping our environment like reducing or limiting the use of chemicals in our homes and start using energy-efficient appliances and materials.

However, an often-overlooked factor when it comes to green thinking is having our own home eco-friendly or what we call a green place. There is actually so much you can do with your home to make it beautiful and healthy at the same time.

Having green home is truly the way to a chemical free life and also the way to move forward in actually living a green lifestyle. You can start making your spaces eco-friendlier. This is not only to help our environment but to keep our family healthy as well.

Why Choose Red Oak Carpet Cleaning in All of Your Cleaning Services

We pay attention to details. Red Oak Carpet Cleaning has a reputation to keep things organized and efficient.

Time-efficient and Budget Friendly. We value the quality of service that we provide without compromising the allotted time to do the task as well as the budget pre-determined by the customer.

No improper waste management. Waste disposal is done the correct way so that any materials or parts that can be recycled can still be used in the future.  

On-point Quotations. We provide you with an on-point quotation. We do not require our clients to have their entire home be cleaned and treated at once. If you need to divide the workload according to your budget and time, then you’re more than free to do so.

Never Compromises Quality. There’s no way to a client’s heart other than quality. That is why we ensure that we provide the best quality service there is available for all the people in the community.

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